Cross Cultural Issues Custom Essay

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1. An individual written assignment no longer than 2,400 words excluding diagrams, references, bibliography and appendices. (70%)
(Learning Outcomes 1,2 &4)
2. Students must reflect on their personal experience of working in a multi-cultural team and should include comments on the initial experience, problems encountered and solutions developed. This statement is to be included as an appendix to the written component of the assignment. Material can be collected for this reflection by keeping a diary of cultural experiences during your living and study experience at university and how this applies to your group work. (600 words). (10%)
(Learning outcomes 3&4)
3. A verbal group presentation of the assignment in weeks 11 and 12. The presentation will last for 20 minutes and contributes 20% of the final assessment.
(Learning outcomes 3&4)

The submission deadline is 5p.m on the 18th December 2012.
Topic of the assignment
You are a group of advisers to:

1. A USA or England based organisation that has purchased a European based business. The reason for the purchase is to expand the business. Both organisations are in the same sector. Students may choose the sector.

2. A European organisation that wishes to establish a manufacturing operation in the Far East and Asia.

3. A European or USA based organisation that wishes to establish an operation in Latin America.

As advisers you are asked to provide a detailed critical analysis comparing the two cultures and to provide a detailed report on your findings. Based on your research make recommendations for each of the following:

1) Assess the likely problems that will need to be addressed to ensure integration of the two organisations and successful future growth.

2) Propose a solution detailing the management style, structure and reporting methods that will provide a solution to the issues identified.
Support your argument with references to the available literature that will underpin your recommendation for each of the above.

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