Culminating Experience-Fall Protection custom essay

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I am writing a culminating experience paper.
I need your company to help complete this paper by doing the following;
? Helping in completing the conclusion.
? Adding more references to the paper from the attachments given.
? Proof reading and making all need correction.
? Try to write it in a third person voice.
? Review the example paper for guidance on how it should be write.
? Add a few charts and attachments.

Abstract: In 500 words or less, provide a summary of the project, including key points regarding the background and significance of the conducted research, the methods, the results and main conclusions.
Background and Significance: Provide a brief background description and literature relevant to the research problem. State the significance of the study and/or reasons for undertaking the research.
Literature Review: Thoroughly review the relevant literature published to date on the research topic including statistical data.
Hypothesis and/or Research Question(s): State the hypotheses or research questions to be explored.
Materials and Methods: Include the basic research design, sampling, testing, and data collection plan, laboratory techniques as appropriate, statistical analysis, evaluation methods, and project timeline.
I will include the following documents to help you write my paper.
? My Culminating Experience Fall Protection Paper ? I have written 20 pages already.
? A Sample paper (Evolution of Fall Protection at an Electric Utility)
? Several supporting documents.

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