You will now analyze an existing preliminary customer service plan outline for a toy company. Based on the mission, vision and values statements of PlaySmart toys and the company SWOT results provided, complete the customer service plan. Make sure you have reviewed the Reading and the customer service plan in the Learning Activities before you start the Assignment. To access the database journal article for your required citation (see checklist items below) please access the KU Online Library located in the home area of the course. PlaySMART Toys: Customer Service Plan to date Mission: To make toys that kids of all ages love. Vision: To make all PlaySMART toys environmentally friendly by 2025. Values: We value safety, health, and the planet. Checklist: Analyze a Customer Service Plan First read through and analyze the companys existing mission, vision, and values statements as provided below. Then revise the SMART goals and describe these goal improvements for this preliminary customer service plan. Using the graphic provided, show the process and briefly describe each of the process steps the customer service department will use to achieve the SMART goals (Use Tool Belt Tabs 1, 3 and 5). Analyze and complete the target customersection of the plan specifying also how you will obtain the data you need to learn more about the customer.Complete the value proposition (tool #6) and customer interface (including website) sections. Use a minimum of one KU Online Library database journal article to support your plan and provide a short APA citation and accompanying reference on a separate reference page. Additionally: Complete the provided customer service plan using a minimum of 2 pages (500 words) with an additional title and references page. Format your sections so that there are a minimum of two paragraphs for each section (i.e. where explanation is needed) consisting of at least 3-4 sentences in each paragraph. Make sure your responses are logical and provide all necessary information addressing all of the checklist items including the minimum of one short journal article citation.

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