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Design a data collection tool that can be used with your aggregate population. Make sure the tool contains the following elements:

• Demographics—name, birth date, ethnicity, sex, education level, and so forth
• Questions that seek to answer the questions that you created in Part One, any others that you feel would apply, and the two additional questions that you will be formulating for this week (see below)

(Examples of a tool would be a questionnaire/survey or questions used in a qualitative, open-ended format.)

Include data points (statistics) with two levels (such as local, county, state, national, international) of data for each of the 5 questions— if you cannot find two points, a data gap exists and must be discussed in a narrative portion.
• Two additional questions that would be consistent with the goals of Healthy People 2020
• Data from reliable sources that provide statistics related to your questions

Include a title page and references page with your tool.

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