Data Screening: Second part is to review four peers paper and follow the response guidelines. Please answer and label the questions accordingly Custom Paper

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This is a two part assignment. The first part is to answer the two questions listed below and second part is to review four peers paper and follow the response guidelines. Please answer and label the questions accordingly. This is a critical thinking, graduate level essay.

Part I: These are two separate questions therefore please do not combine the two questions together. For example: Q1, Q2, with in-text citation from course reading material listed below as references. 1. Two additional references are required. 2. In-text citation on every paragraph. 3. Please label all subheading. 4. APA formatting and style. My professor reviews my paper and will provide feedback and he usually requires for addition clarification in regards to what have been written. Therefore, I will forward to you the question(s) from my professor. Please answer the question(s) accordingly. Per class requirement, all papers must be submitted to Smarthinking for review before I can submit it in therefore please revise the paper according to Smarthinking suggestion.

Part II: Response Guidelines- please follow direction for response guidelines. In-text citation


Use your George and Mallery text to complete the following:
Review the "An Introduction to the Example" section of Chapter 1. This section provides definitions of SPSS variables used in your Unit 3 assignments.

Read Chapter 6 "Frequencies." This reading addresses the following topics:
Bar Charts.

Read Chapter 7 "Descriptive Statistics." This reading addresses the following topics:
Statistical Significance.
The Normal Distribution.
Mean, Median, and Mode.
Variance and Standard Deviation Skewness, and Kurtosis.
Maximum, Minimum, Range, and Sum.
Standard Error.
Your SPSS Data Set
The grades.sav file is a sample SPSS data set from the George and Mallery text. The fictional data represent a teacher’s recording of student demographics and performance on quizzes and a final exam across three sections of the course. Each section consists of about 35 students (N = 105).
Last week, you converted grades2.dat to grades.sav. There are 21 variables in grades.sav.
Open your grades.sav file and navigate to the "Variable View" tab.
Click the link to open the Data Set Instructions and make sure you have the correct Values and Scales of Measurement assigned.

Q1- Data Screening

What are the goals of data screening? How can you identify and remedy the following?
Errors in data entry.
Missing data.

Response Guidelines:
You are expected to actively participate in the discussion of each assigned topic with postings submitted in a timely fashion while that discussion is in progress. You are also expected to help other learners gain the most from assignments and discussions by responding to their postings with your best suggestions, comments, and questions. The quality and depth of your responses to other learners will be considered when course participation is evaluated.
You are expected to respond to the instructor’s discussion topic and to at least one other learner’s comments. Instructors frequently participate in the ongoing discussion by responding to individual learner’s contributions to the discussion, but they more often offer comments that further the discussion by identifying themes and patterns of thinking reflected in the contributions of the participants.
Your comments, questions, and suggestions to other learners must further enhance the discussion through your insight and comprehension of the topic, relevant personal experience, introduction of relevant literature topics, or other sources that add to the discussion. Comments that are simply "good post" or "nice job" or "I agree" will NOT meet the requirements for a substantive reply. Your comments are expected to be substantive in nature and to refer to theoretical, empirical, or professional literature as appropriate.
Use of Capella’s APA Style and Formatting is expected when referring to sources used in your postings. When responding to other participants’ comments, it may not be as relevant to support your comments, especially if you are offering a personal opinion or feedback to a fellow participant.

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