Deconstructing What We See ,to look at these two pictures of bank buildings and suggest what they tell us about banking Research Paper

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Your task here is to look at these two pictures of bank buildings and suggest what they tell us about banking.

We have looked at the different ways in which evidence can be analysed. Here you are invited to apply your skills to the task of analysing visual evidence. You may recognise the first picture as an old one of the Lloyds Bank building in Wolverhampton. The second picture is of a branch of Northern Rock the British demutualised building society that had to be rescued by the UK government in the economic crisis.

Your task is to ?read? these two buildings. This is NOT primarily an exercise in architecture. Technically it is more about the building as a symbol or sign, the analysis of which is called semiotics. Your analysis should pay attention to the ways in which socio-economic relations, the nature of banking etc might be reflected in the appearance of the building. See the building as telling you a story, communicating with you.

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