Need help getting started with the following assignment. 1) Chapter one from Edward Greengbergs book The struggle for Democracy. 2) Chapter 2 from Michael Parentis book Democracy for the few. 3) Chapter 1 from Michael Moores book Stupid white men and other sorry excuses for the state of the nation. Then you must answer the following question asked in this section. Keep in mind that you are required to write a scholarly essay. You must do your research, read the entire assigned chapters and cite examples from each of those assigned chapters (again from all of those assigned chapters not just one or two).Your essay must be no less than two and half pages long. It can be longer than that. Your essay must include both research and opinion. It cannot be all research or all opinion. You must support your position by facts, accurate historical examples and material from your research i.e. reading assignments (once again all of them not just one or two of them.) First you must read chapter one from the book the Struggle for the Democracy and then you should identify and discuss the three fundamental principles of representative democracy as discussed by the authors of The Struggle for Democracy. Then you should read chapter 2 form the Ninth Edition book: Democracy for the few, and explain how Dr. Parenti defines Wealth and Want in that chapter. You must also read Chapter 1 (a very American Coup) from Michael Moores book Stupid White Men: and other sorry Excuses for the state of the nation. Dr. Parenti suggests that the capitalist economy has an overbearing impact upon political and social life. To Dr. Parenti the nature of our capitalist economy (wealth v.s. want) has undermined those three fundamental principles of democracy identified in the Struggle for Democracy for the majority of the American people. You must explain Dr. Parentis position on wealth and want in the United States. Then you must explain do you see those influences in the 2000 election of George W Bush. What does Michael Moore have to say about this in his first chapter? To Michael Moore were those three fundamental principles of Democracy violated in the 2000 presidential election? After answering above questions you must explain your own position on those issues. Do you agree with Dr. Parenti or Michael Moore or not? Which one of them was more convincing and why? Explain why you agree or disagree with them.

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