Demonstrate writing across the curriculum responding to the topic selected Research Paper

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The writing assignments will demonstrate writing across the curriculum responding to the topic selected in a 2 page paper. Refer to the Grading Criteria for specifics in content, organization, writing style, grammar, and APA 6.0 format.

9-2: Explain the difference between descriptive and prescriptive (optimization) models.
9-3: Describe how to use Excel data tables, scenario manager, and goal seek tools to analyze decision models.
9-4: Explain the purpose of Solver and what type of decision model it is used for.
9-8: What approaches can you use to incorporate uncertainty into decision models?
10-1: Explain the concept of risk analysis and how Monte Carlo simulation can provide useful information for making decisions.
10-2: Outline the process for using Crystal Ball to run a Monte Carlo simulation.
10-3: Explain the terms assumption, forecast, and decision as used in Crystal Ball.

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