Describe the connection between depression and the illness you selected and explain the factors of the disease you selected that account for its high cooccurrence with depression. Explain the role of stress hormones and inflammation in this depression r Research Paper

Focusing on the brighter side of life, while not bad advice, does not account for the numerous biochemical malfunctions that prevent those with depression from doing just that. The impact of depression extends beyond disrupting work and personal relationships. It also can influence the development of a whole bounty of serious illnesses. Stress, depression, and the persistent immune response of inflammation can influence the development of chronic and autoimmune illnesses that permanently alter the direction of a persons life. With stakes as high as these, the manner in which stress and depression manifests in the body to impact the immune system cannot be underestimated.For this Application Assignment, review this weeks Learning Resources including the Chronic Disease and Autoimmune Disease sections of the Stress, The Immune System, Chronic Illness, and Your Body handout. Then select an illness that has a high cooccurrence with depression. Finally, consider teaching strategies that may reduce the effects of the stress relatedillness4 pages ApA with reference

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