Deviance and social control; Marriage and Gender custom essay

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Specific assignment:
_ your assignment is to apply what was discussed in class on deviance, social control,marriage and family. and gender to any movie your choice.(you do not need to use information from all the chapters, but if it applies you want to use as many term and concepts as possible:

_you will apply at least one of the theories of deviance: labeling theory, control theory,Differential association theory, and Merton?s anomie and strain theory , as well as the terms, and concepts that were presented.
when applying theory:
Briefly define the theory in your own words.
Discuss exactly how the theory was portrayed in the movie.

Give all examples of theory that were presented in the movie: this means you will have several examples from the video on each of the theories of deviance you choose to talk about,

How should paper be organized:
You should have one paragraph per theory it you are using multiple theories(integrate the issues presented by theory) and incorporate other application(terms,concepts) within these paragraphs. IF you only have one theory than you will have many paragraphs depicting how that theory was portrayed.

Each paper must typed 1.5 or double spaced, 12 font, stapled(no folders please), three to four pages, include your own original title, and all use of application must be underlined(theory, concepts and terms).

Grading will be based on your adherence to the requirements, your use of application,grammar and spelling, and your comprehensive coverage of the issue.

There are some movie suggestion but you may select another film of your choice as long as you can apply what we have covered thus far in the course

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