Differences between The Immaculata Parish mass and The Rock Curch mass Research Paper

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please write a compare and contrast reflection paper between Differences between The Immaculata Parish mass and The Rock Church service in San Diego as if you went to both: in terms of 1-priesthood structure 2-Prayer ways 3- Architecture and looks and paintings representation.
The Immaculata Parish is a catholic church:
I want to last sunday’s mass and here is what I noticed:
they read the stuff in this link:
1- some people came with baskets to collect donations.
2- everyone went up to the pastor to get something i think it was bread or where they took their babies with them.
3-he talked about donations for the catholic appeal and the 55th diocese
4- he also talked about a political issue:
5-we couldn’t see the people that were singing they were behind the pastor and above us i think the only instrument used was the Organ.
i’ll send the stuff they gave out when we entered

I didn’t attend the rock church i think you can find all the info about it in here:http://www.sdrock.com/services/
and look for other sources for both please.

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