Digestion Biology Research Paper

Two parts were done, gastric digestion and intestinal digestion.
For the gastric digestion part, 3 test tubes were taken; each one was placed with one scoop of albumin. Test tube #1 received 5ml of 0.4% pepsin solution, Test tube #2 received 5 ml of 0.2% hydrochloric acid and test tube #3 received 5 mL of artificial gastric juices (pepsin and hydrochloric acid). After each test tube was stirred thoroughly, they were placed in an incubator at 37-40oC for an hour. After, Two drops of biuret reagent were added to each test tube and shaken. The color for the 1st and 2nd test tube was light purple and the 3rd one was a very clear color.
For the intestinal digestion, there were two parts of this experiment. For the first part, 5 ml of 5% starch was added to each of 3 test tubes. Next, 5 mL of pancreatic solution was added to test tube #1, 5 mL of water was added to test tube #2, and 5 mL of boiled pancreatic solution. Place test tubes in an incubator at 37-40. After taken out, 2-3 drops of iodine potassium iodide solution was added to each test tube. The starch was indicated by a purple black color. The color for the first and Second was dark purple and the third one was dark green. The original color for all three test tubes was a clear color. The second part has the same procedure except this time we?re using 2 test tubes and adding 10 mL of litmus milk solution to each. For testtube 1 one scoop of pancreatin powder was added, and for testtube 2, a few drops of distilled water was added. The testtubes were placed in a water bath at 37-40o for one hour. The colors for testtube 1 was purple and the one for testtube 2 was lavender.
Our lab instructor wants us to write a discussion section of Digestion, not a full lab report just a discussion. It has to be 1-2 pgs and have at least 5 (in-text) works cited sources and include a works cited page

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