Does social anxiety disorder have an effect on one’s income level Research Paper

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Must include a 3-page literature review (at least 3 pages): Make sure to point out the weaknesses in the articles. Show aspects of the literature which are incomprehensible and which raise questions. Express your agreement or disagreement with points made in the literature. Compare the articles. Do they contradict each other?

Must also include at least a page on the hypothesis and methodology. First, write a paragraph on what you expect to find, including any challenges you foresee. Next, discuss the research method(s) you choose to answer your question, and why you chose them.

In the conclusion, summarize your proposal. Start with the research question, what you expect to find, and how you’re going to answer it.

Must be 5 pages, including a reference page with 5 different journal articles as the sources. Be sure to use in-text citations, as well.

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