drug information Research Paper

– You have 6 questions to answer them correctly based on available references and lectures notes – Use Vnacouver style to reference each question separately including lectures notes coorectly and alphabetically, and be careful of similarity because the last time when i did the previous essay was sooooo high so please i don’t want more than 10 as a maximum and i wan the similarity report – Try to use a recent source of reference ; less than 5 years – The questions on red colour while the initial answers on black colour – Initial answer on black colour , you could get some answer from them because i took some of these information from the original text reference then i copy them BUT DONT DEPEND ON them 100% to answer the questions, you should also read the original reference and you MUST refere to lecures notes then choose the best answer please – The references written only in some of files in a yellow colour in addition, if you need to add extra wards, please let me know to pay for the extra Finally, i repeat again use Vancouver style to reference EACH question alone separately even lectures notes and other UPDATED references correctly and alphabetically, and DONT rely on my answers only if i found that you only use my answers and the reference wasn’t correct, i will return the order

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