E-business Research Paper

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Is your web/blog site aesthetically pleasing – does it have a logo? Why have you chosen that particular colour pallette. What font have you used and why? Why did you chose particular images?

Have you used business terminology throughout, and have you followed a specific business model?

Have you built upon the ‘Elements of User Experience?’

Have you taken on board, aspects of business development, ie “The Long Tail’ or “The Purchase Funnel”?

Have you thought about search engine optimisation?

How have you used your blog to sell/offer lifestyle interest/focus on personalisation/unique user experience?

How will the blog channel potential buyers to the website?

Are there any ethical issues associated with your webstie/blog?

Did you have to adhere to any specific rules and regulations regarding e-business?

Have you explained how you developed your web/blog site? Which provider did you use and why?

Have you used plenty of examples of different websites and blogs to underpin your decisions?

Have you made reference to e-business books and papers in the library?


Have you referenced properly in the text

Have you referenced your images properly?

Are you dressed smartly for your presentation?

Have you checked that the equipment is working in the room where the presentation is takin

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