Education Theories Research Paper

Short vowel words ending with ck is appropriate for first grade; however, this rule has not been explained to the students in the instructional sequence.he objective, instruction, and assessment focus on building words using letter cards; however, the spelling rule that is a requirement of the task directions is not incorporated in each of these parts of the lesson plan. Revisions are required so the spelling rule is integrated throughout the different parts of the lesson plan and so the assessment description clearly explains how the objective will be met.The instructional sequence goes into detail with a beading activity that is used to connect with how words can be built following an example. However, the specific spelling rule that is stated in the “topic” section has not been explained or presented to students before the practice activities. Revisions are required so the spelling rule is clearly taught in the lesson plan, as the task directions require, and incorporated in the practice activities.Once a spelling rule is clearly presented or explained within the instructional sequence, an irregular word that does not follow this rule is needed.

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