Emergency Nursing Research Paper

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Task The aging population is increasing the demand on the Australian health system. An emergency department’s (ED) fast paced environment could perhaps be seen as “not suitable” for our ever increasing older population.
Using a critical appraisal of current and relevant literature, review the issues that may be encountered by our elderly population, when accessing care in the ED.
Your assignment should be in an essay format of 2500 words (+/- 10% not including the reference list).
The rubric below constitutes the marking guide for the assignment. It is strongly recommended that an essay outline is submitted by email.
Preparation It is advised to study the set text, study guide and attend lectures (either on-campus or virtual via WIMBA) and be familiar with literature/journal searches via the library website
Presentation 2500 words essay, with introduction, main body and conclusions. You are expected to use at least 15 references. You are limited to 3 academic website and 3 textbooks the rest being peer reviewed journal

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