Entrepreneurial Ventures; Feasibility Study. custom essay

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Your feasibility study should be prepared, according to the outline in The New Business Road Test.. It should clearly demonstrate why your idea as proposed at the outset of the course or as reshaped thereafter is or is not feasible. Either outcome is acceptable; however arguing that your idea is feasible

I will send all the research i have so far and the outline you need to follow what i need is : number 6.Team Assessments and number 7 Summery and conclusion

In order to give me what i need you MUST read the book Chapter 6 ,7,8 and 10 The New Business Road Test by John W. MuLLINS Please dont cheat and not read it as this is big part of my grade.

If you have any questions let me know number of sources and references as needed i just pick a random number

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