Ethics in biotechnology. Research Paper

Gene therapy and genetic profiling are tools that are rapidly increasing in usage in modern medicine. Discuss some of the pros, cons and ethical dilemmas involved one of these two techniques. Internet websites (such as Wikipedia) will not count as a formal reference. Your written assignment should contain a minimum of three (3) sources other than your textbook. Your essay will be evaluated on Intro State your thesis and introduce your subject and why its important. Situate your case study into the larger context of relevant information on your topic. The importance of your thesis, and why it is supportable, is the significance of your paper that you should return to in the conclusion (this answers the so what? question that keen readers have). Body Here is where you will expand on your subject matter and provide all the relevant data which you have collected. Your main concern is giving an accurate and objective presentation of evidence, and linking that evidence to your thesis (either it supports it or challenges it). Your evidence will be more credible if you present opposing points of view (e.g. a counter argument). Conclusion Now you want to answer your question or support the statement that is the basis of your thesis. Here your writing can be more argumentative. Be sure that the points you have gone over in your body support any conclusion or arguments you make. What you are really doing is taking your argument and showing why it matters to a bigger issue.

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