Expanding a U.S. Business in Germany Research Paper

The paper is about expanding the “Kermit Chair Company” (a U.S. based portable chair company) to Germany. The main emphasis will be on the environmental scanning and assessing opportunities, risks and returns, and planning the entry, development, production, marketing and financing strategies in this country for the business. All of the following must be covered in detail. However, the paper needs not limit the assignment to these alone. The specific components of the proposed plan should include: 1. An environmental scan of the foreign country and along socio-political, economic, cultural, demographic, technological, and legal structure of the country. 2. Description of the proposed business including product, legal and organizational structure, and reason for expansion. 3. Identifying the core competencies providing the proposed business’ global competitive advantage and international expansion strategy. 4. Develop an operational plan for development, production, marketing and financing of the proposed business. 5. Identifying logistics, raw materials, suppliers, buyers and the distribution channels of the proposed business. 6. Projecting the return on investment after taxes, duties and exchange rates considerations. The paper is to be typed double”“spaced, 1′ margins, Ariel and 11-point font, 10 pages in length, with correct spelling and grammar, proper citation (APA format), references (no more than 2 internet sources), a cover page, and organization with headings.

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