Explain the attack methodology(ies) most likely to be applie

Explain the attack methodology(ies) most likely to be applied against different targets and why. Select three potential strategic level terror targets, with each one likely to see a different attack methodology being applied to it for the most efficacious results if struck. These do not have to be targets that have already been struck in either the U.S. or abroad. Try to think like a terrorist, and imagine different targets that could have a strategic impact on a target nation. From that, discuss possible ways to prevent those particular attacks. NOW, please put some points in your consideration when you do this assignment of this week because they are extremely important: 1- Please always remember that Im MUSLIM, so please write please remembering that all the time to give the sense of credibility and avoid any conflict with this faith and religion. 2- As you know, you are the one who wrote my Case Study 2, 3 and 4, which might have a similar topic of this assignment, so please remember what has been mentioned there to have the unity of idea and avoid any conflict between the case study and this assignment because both will be revised by the same professor. 4- USE UP TO THREE REFERENCES TO DO THIS ASSIGNMENT. 5- Last point, please make sure that you cover ALL even the small points in this question and not neglect any part of it (important). Best regards! Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.

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