Financial Deregulation and Sovereign Credit Downgrade Events and Their Implication on Current Sovereign Debt Crisis Research Paper

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Kindly take the liberty to spell out relevant research objectives , questions and methods that are relevant to the above suggested topic.

My key focus can be expressed as follow:
— The downgrade of credit ratings of Sovereign Debts and current Euro debt crisis might be a interesting topic.
— Academics argue that one of the major political causes of financial market chaos including reliability issues with credit rating agencies and the financial deregulation, which has also been blamed to cause GFC and the boom of some troublesome financial innovations, i.e. securitisation etc.
— They all disclose that the credit ratings granted by rating agencies have reliability problem, although the sharp downgrade of Sovereign debts might have risk-modelling technique problem and other reasons.
— Looking at current sovereign debt crisis (even GFC) from credit rating perspectives with focus on downgrades as “events” and trace back to financial deregulation as political cause, for me, could be a topic research areas.

Kindly assist to produce a Research Proposal at PhD degree level with the topic and focus areas stated above.

Do take the liberty to amend the research topic (language write out here) and also increase number of references if deemed necessary.

I am applying to take up a PhD program in Financial Economics with some Australia Universities.

Once accepted, I may engage your company’s writing service on long term basis.

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