Fire Engineering Strategy

Functional requirement B1 of the Building Regulations deals with Means of Warning and Escape. Write an individual report of approximately 3,000 words critically assessing the functional requirement and how building designs can meet the requirement using standard guidance and codes.

The report should critically analyse and discuss the functional requirement B1 of the Building Regulations and review the standard UK prescriptive and performance based design guidance (ADB, BS999, BS7974). Example calculations should be used to demonstrate key points .

The report should address as a minimum:
• Fire alarm and detection systems
• Building occupancy, purpose groups
• Horizontal and vertical escape route design principles including:
o Travel distances & Exit widths
o Stair provisions

In this assignment I need to demonstrate the understanding of these learning outcomes:

1-Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving.

2-Exhibit creativity and innovation in technical design.

3-Critically review and analyse client and user requirements, technical briefs and apply significant knowledge to design scenarios, including relevant technological, engineering, legal, health and safety and development factors.

as shown above the assignment will talk about b1 ” mean of warning and escape” in approved document B and in other britis standard regulation the assignment should have proper calculation and using the relevant regulations you can find these document online for free but if you want i can provide them to you as i mentioned before am a final year student so i am looking for the best quality and thank you very much.

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