Fire Strategy Design Custom Essay

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The Student Hub will be a new multi-purpose building constructed on the existing University campus. The building design will be relatively open plan and based around a large atrium space with balcony access on upper levels. Facilities within the Hub will include:

• Lecture theatres
• Cafe/dining facilities
• Flexible social spaces
• Library facilities
• IT facilities
• Offices
The building will comprise ground, first and second floors. The upper most occupied floor (level 2) will be approximately 8m above ground floor level and the roof top plant level will be approximately 11.5m. The building will have overall dimensions of approximately 71m by 52m with a footprint area of approximately 2140m2. The common areas of the building will be linked by an open atrium void which rises from the ground floor to level 2. The detailed plans can be seen on WebCT.

The local fire service has advised that the building should be sprinkler protected, however, the client would prefer to avoid providing sprinklers unless absolutely necessary. The client would however consider the provision of smoke control for the atrium if considered necessary by the design team or a clear benefit can be demonstrated.

Elevations for the building are currently being developed, however, the architect wants to maximize the unprotected areas on each elevation. Boundary distances are as follows:
• North Elevation – Site Boundary approximately 40m
• South Elevation – Centre of main road approximately 40m
• East Elevation – Economics building located approximately 8m away at closest point
The first and second floors of the Student Hub will be linked to the nearby Arts Building by a bridge link. The existing Arts Building does not currently have lift access to the upper floor levels.

Your design team has been employed to create a fire strategy for the building which meets the client’s requirements and architectural vision.

You are required to produce a fire strategy of approximately 6, 000 words for the building addressing the functional requirements of items B1 to B5 of the Building regulations. Any proposed solution must be viable and proven in your submission.

In conjunction with the fire strategy the client also requires a set of compartmentation drawings/plans.

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