Frito Lay

Before you begin your assignment, click here to read the case study about Frito-Lay’s Casa Grande facility. addition, use the Internet to complete additional research about Frito-Lay’s other facilities, inventory, and inventory process.Apply the knowledge that you’ve acquired from your readings and the case study above to this writing assignment. In a 1-2 page narrative with an introduction and conclusion, analyze the Inventory Management for Frito-Lay and address the following: Questions to be AddressedHow does the mix of Frito-Lay’s inventory differ from machine shop to process-focused facility? What are the major inventory items for Frito-Lay and how do they move though the inventory process? Give an example of the four types of inventory by giving an example from Frito-Lay. What are the advantages for Frito-Lay to make all 41 products at each of their plants?Heizer, J. & Render, B. Operations Management, (11th ed.)Chapter 12

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