Global citizenship and social responsibility

Circulation of popular culture takes another form in film as International co- production, where the production companies involved are from two (or more) different countries. International co-productions are an effective means of expanding the overseas ma Choose one of the specified essay topics and identify an appropriate primary corpus, and critically analyse how your sample texts have changed when placed in dialogue with other cultures. You may wish to consider what is culturally specific about these texts, and what has local and global significance. This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes: Develop understanding of a wide range of Asian popular culture texts, the intercultural communication process and how specific popular culture texts become glocalised and diversified through continuous negotiation with host cultures Develop an enhanced sense of global citizenship and social responsibility by increasing awareness of the processes of cultural interchange Demonstrate initiative and competence in research, including locating relevant materials and writing in an efficient and timely manner with correct referer

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