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Thanks you very much for my last order, on global marketing ( Toyota corporation Inc). you did a very good job. I am pleased to inform you that I have also chosen you to write up another assignment similar to that but, on different topic. Because i got very bad marks with the first assignment ( I fail with it ) .that why I would like you to write the second assignment its the complement of the first one.
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Report 2
Description Marks out of Wtg (%) Due date Objectives assessed Graduate skill Level assessed
REPORT 2 100 40.00% 10/06/12 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 U2, U3, U4, U7, U8 Level 2 – Intermediate

The report about :

Company: Nestlé Corporation. Product: Nestle Boost .To be market in Australia

Length: No more than 3000 words
Format: Report
Topic – Managing global relationships and marketing crisis
There are two tasks to be completed in Report 2. It is important that students follow the format and guidelines as outlined below.
Task 1 – Relationship development
You are required to identify a key customer, supplier OR individual that your selected company (as identified in your report 1) should develop a relationship with. The development of such a relationship should benefit your company in its venture into the selected foreign country (as identified in your report 1).

Task 2 – Scenario on managing marketing crisis
Mattel Inc. is one of the world’s leading toy maker and had to deal with the worst ever product crisis in its history in the mid-2007. In 2007, Mattel announced the recall of approximately 1.5 million Chinese-made Fisher-Price infant toys. Mattel was very concerned that these toys had toxic lead content higher than the permissible level and might put children at a risk of health hazards. The company issued a second recall shortly after the first to withdraw another 9.3 million Chinese-made toy sets, fearing that it contained parts that could be lethal if swallowed by children.
Given the above situation, you are required to assess the effects of the marketing crisis on Mattel and develop appropriate responses to address this critical issue from a corporate social responsibility perspective of Mattel.
Format and guidelines
The report should be structured according to the following format and also in accordance with the presentation guidelines (pp. 11-13) as outlined in the Communication Skills Handbook (2010).
• Title page
• Executive summary – this section should state the major purpose, the method of analysis, the findings and the recommendations. It should not be more than 1 page in length.
• Table of contents
• Introduction – this section should clearly state the purpose, limitations and scope of the report.
• Relationship development – this section is to identify a relationship to be developed for the benefit of the company in venturing into the selected foreign country. The following should be addressed.
◦ Who? – identify who (eg the customer, supplier OR individual) to develop the relationship with. Provide some background information about the customer, supplier OR individual, to which the relationship should be developed.
◦ Why? – discuss the rationales for developing such a relationship. Adequate justifications for the development of the relationship are required.
◦ How? – discuss how the relationship can be developed. Appropriate justifications to the methods (eg networking activities) used for developing the relationship are necessary. Clearly explain the rationales for using such methods.
◦ What? – discuss what are the benefits and explain how they are beneficial to your company in the selected foreign country.
• Managing marketing crisis – this section should outline the appropriate actions to be taken to address the marketing crisis. The following should be addressed.
◦ What? – identify and discuss what are the effects of the marketing crisis and discuss their implications to the company.
◦ How? – discuss adequately how you would respond to the marketing crisis.
◦ Why? – discuss the rationales for your responses to the marketing crisis. Adequate justifications to your responses are required.
• Conclusions – this section should essentially summarise the main points or findings of the report, including the recommendations.
List of references – this section should include all reference materials used in the report. Harvard AGPS referencing style should be used in the report.

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