Globalization and Spatial Order in Cities Research Paper

This Discussion Paper draws from three supplemental readings posted (1) Marcus, P. €œGlobalization and the Forms of Cities€ in World Cities and Urban Form (2) Marcus, P. €œSpace in the Globalizing City€ in The Global Cities Reader (3) Marcus, P. and Kemper, R. €œIntroduction€ and €œConclusion€ in Globalizing Cities. The authors’ thesis is that globalization is leading to €œimportant and visible change, with very significant impacts on cities and the lives of our cities’ people€. These impacts can be seen in €œcities as a whole€ as well as in €œspecific aspects of the built environment within cities€. (See €œGlobalization and the Forms of Cities€ for brief discussions about these impacts). Drawing from the ideas presented by the authors and your own experiences, discuss the following: 1. Select two forms of changes in the spatial manifestation of cities addressed by the authors and discuss YOUR understanding of how these changes are impacting the €œglobalizing cities€. One of the forms of change for your discussion should be selected from the list in Soft Locations (Globalization and the Forms of Cities, p.33). 2. Support your arguments by drawing on the examples from the cities below: a. Global cities of the Antiquity€”Athens, Rome and Constantinople b. Global cities of the Renaissance and Baroque€”Florence and Paris c. Rio de Janeiro and Bras­lia, Brazil d. Hongkong and Beijing, China e. LONDON: TRANSFORMATION AND METAMORPHOSIS€”LIVING WITH THE PAST, LOOKING TO THE FUTURE f. Berlin: Falling of the wall 3. As you write this paper include YOUR personal observations and reactions to the ideas presented by the authors.

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