Growth, Income Distribution and poverty Research Paper

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Review the following measures of poverty:
(a) Head Count Ratio,
(b) Poverty Gap Ratio,
(c) Absolute Poverty,
(d) Relative Poverty.
(e) Focus on the limitations of these poverty measures to highlight any caveat in measuring poverty.

Question 2:
(a) What is a Gini coefficient?
(b) What does it measure?
(c) How is it constructed?
(d) What is its relationship with a Lorenz Curve?

Question 3:
(a) What is the evidence on the link between economic growth and poverty?
(b) What is the evidence between economic growth and inequality?
(c) Are there any theoretical arguments that explain what causes what in (a) and (b) above?
(d) What are the policy implications of such evidence?

Question 4:
Use the tables of empirical results as Son (2010) in the reading list to illustrates your arguments about the relevance of economic growth to explain achievements in standard of living.

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