Harm Reduction (Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling) Research Paper

Prescribed text: Rassool, G. H. (2009). Alcohol and drug misuse: A handbook for students and health professionals. Routledge. Task: Discuss the social and political responses to AOD in Australia and their effectiveness with a focus on: – National Drug Strategy – Harm minimisation – Drug legislation Rationale This task is designed to help you: – describe the central tenets of a range of theoretical frameworks relating to prevention and treatment of AOD issues; – critically discuss the most recent evidence in relation to effective prevention and harm reduction strategies; – investigate drug decriminalisation/legalisation as a harm minimisation strategy – display critical and reflective judgement; – demonstrate research skills; – show evidence of independent learning. This task is designed to assess your progress with the following subject outcomes: – Be able to outline behavioural and social models of dependence; – Be able to describe the influence of psychological, social, cultural and political factors on addiction; – Be able to describe mechanisms of tolerance, dependence and withdrawal.

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