Health behavior problem.

 By now if you put together your SLP papers from Module 1 – 4, you have a program/intervention proposal to address a health behavior problem. Carefully read through your SLP papers from Module 1 through 4.Write an abstract (1 page in length) briefly describing your whole proposal. Be sure to use subheadings.Guide to Community Preventive Services (2011). What works to promote health? Retrieved July 1, 2012 fromKahn, E.B., Ramsey, L.T., Brownson R., Heath, G.W., Howze, E.H., Powell, K.E., Stone, E.J., Rajab, M.W., Corso, P. and the Task Force on Community Preventive Services (2002). The effectiveness of interventions to increase physical activity: a systematic review. (4S), 73-107. Retrieved July 1, 2012 fromTask Force on Community Preventive Services (2002). Recommendations to increase physical activity in communities. (4S), 67-72. Retrieved July 1, 2012 fromCommittee on Health and Behavior: Research, Practice, and Policy, Board on Neuroscience and Behavioral Health (2001). Findings and recommendations.  (pp. 329-350). Washington, DC: National Academy Press. Retrieved from 

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