Health Promotion Intervention Plan Essay Help

instructions attached: I have ordered so far 2 different papers and each is a continuation of the other. On this new order, the focus is the intervention plan (tuberculosis and tobacco, a measurable intervention plan to reduce smoking on patients affected with tuberculosis due to the complications and also to prevent tuberculosis propagation because of smoking). Task: Intervention Plan On previous orders, the health promotion issue is tuberculosis and tobacco usage, also identified a potential intervention for prevention. You have also completed a comprehensive review of the literature and now will integrate that information to create an intervention designed to address the health promotion issue. As you create the intervention, try to keep your focus on an intervention that you will be able to evaluate, which is the next order I will place. We strategies for addressing the key focus in your community (Miami, Florida). All items from the grading criteria must be met. Grading Criteria Maximum Points Summarize the intervention plan, incorporating any comments from the facilitator. 15 Discuss the potential formative and summative approaches to the evaluation. 25 Provide the details of the evaluation plan, including tools, process, and any data analysis. 25 Followed APA guidelines 10 Total: 75

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