Health threats to Australian youth Research Paper

Depression and asthma among biggest health threats to Australian youth: report The Lancet report finds chronic and non-communicable diseases responsible for 80% of adolescent poor health. I want you to write me a feature story on Asthma. You need to find a good angle to the story. It needs to have at least 3 different humans sources, being one a doctor, two a patient suffering from it. From the 3 sources I need to have NAME, SURNAME, CONTACT NUMBER AND EMAIL IF POSSIBLE. they need to be real human people! teachers do check! This task introduces stories to basic feature writing through the exploration of the short news feature. It doesn’t need a title, it can start on the lead. Students will find a subject who illustrates a particular facet of a current news story and write a short news feature linking the ‘consequence expert’ to the story in a wider context. These stories will test the student’s understanding of how case studies illuminate running news stories. It will encourage students to improve their interview technique and to write in a form which does not follow strict pyramid style news guidelines but which maintains currency and impact. The stories should be suitable for publication in a local newspaper. Students may not use family members, other students, their own employers or workmates to generate stories or use those people in stories. Students will be expected to keep accurate records of interviews and to provide contact details at the bottom of each story, which will then be submitted. Any question on the assignment please contact me!! the assignment should have these things: 1. A news angle (why you are writing this) 2. Talent (the person who is the example of the news story) 3. Great quotes. Use a tape recorder (learn shorthand) 4. Background (what came before) 5. New research to put it in context

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