How has recreational drug use, whilst as a young adult, had an effect on an individual in later life? custom essay

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• include two or three relevant research studies that are selectively focussed to the
topic discussed, and each paragraph concerning the literature must be linked back to
your proposal
• discuss of any conflicting findings/opinions in the literature
• explain how your proposed research will address gaps you have indentify in the
• integrate the research question throughout
• present your ideas clearly and logically
• analyse, evaluate and correctly reference a wide range of sources
• provide an introduction and conclusion
• be structured correctly, including an introduction and conclusion, have good written
expression including spelling and grammar, and be presented and referenced
according to the Academic Skills Guide

Below is a copy of the Preliminary Research Proposal for the Topic. Please read to get an understanding of the point of view for the research proposal that requires this Literature Review.


The Research Topic and Sub Question
The research question for this proposal is“How has recreational drug use, whilst as a young adult, had an effect on an individual in later life?” This study sets out to evaluate the impact of recreational drug use during late teenage years and early adulthood impact on the individual’s life trajectory. In particular, this study sets out to investigate the long terms impact of Cannabis, Ecstasy and Cocaine use on a group of …. [insert your sample]. To this effect, the primary research question of this study is “ [insert question]”.
Sub questions of this research are: How has the use of recreational drugs in their early 20’s affected the participant’s career paths and earning potential? What is their perceived impact to their mental ability, social skills and interpersonal skills due to their participation in recreational drugs use in their early adult life?
The drugs in question are Cannabis, Ecstasy and Cocaine (The World Drug Report, 2011). Cannabis and Cocaine where still two of the top three illicit drugs in 1992 with ecstasy showing the most growth and by the mid 90’s it was in the top three (The World Drug Report, 1992,1995). These drugs continue to be the most widely used illicit drugs today. Recreational drug use refers to the use of substance with pharmacological effects that are taken voluntarily for pleasure (Wadsworth, 2004).
Aims and Objectives
The purpose of this research is to understand the long term effects of occasional drug use on individuals and whether responsible drug taking, to enhance recreational activities, and to gain an increased understanding of how this is similar to or may be different from social drinking One of the aims of this research is to contribute to the debate pertaining to the legalisation of certain drugs. There is literature that suggests that By controlling the manufacture of Cannabis and Ecstasy it will severely impact drug related crime, as many criminal gangs are funded through the manufacturering of these drugs (Bretteville-Jensen, 2006).
A further consequence of legalisation is that the chemicals used to manufacture these drugs can be monitored, which in turn makes them a much safer option than drugs made in backstreet drug labs (reference). As will be described in the literature review of this paper, There is significant evidence that outlines the dangers of drug addiction just as there is plenty of research that discusses the danger of alcoholism (reference). However, as will be argued later in this work, whilst studies have been done to understand responsible drinking there has not been as much research on responsible drug taking (reference – unless you say “as will be argued later in this work ….”. This research aims to understand if responsible drug taking is an option in today’s society. Good

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