How is the theme of excessive passion essential for understanding Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as a tragedy Research Paper

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Please cite only from
1. Romeo and Juliet
2. Brode, D. (2001). Shakespeare in the Movies: From the Silent Era to Today. London: Berkley Boulevard.
3.Hodgdon, W. (2005). A Companion to Shakespeare and Performance. NY:Blackwell Publishing.

How? These papers will be marked both on CONTENT and on STYLE (see below).

? This is an argumentative essay, in that you should have a clear thesis, and make clear points in each paragraph. Please note that the essay does NOT have to be in the traditional five-point/five-paragraph essay style (although you will certainly need an Introduction and a Conclusion, remember that each essay is different?use the number of paragraphs that works best for your paper)

? As mentioned above, style is important, as is correct spelling and grammar/syntax. These things are always important in any situation, but especially in the context of academic paper. Consult a style manual for help with these things

? A BIBLIOGRAPHY IS NECESSARY: a bibliography that clearly references all of the books/articles/titles/Internet sources you?ve looked at in order to write your paper. It?s probably in your best interest to use several sources (ie: books, articles, theses, etc…) in order to ensure the accuracy of your information.


*IN ADDITION, ADEQUATE REFERENCING IS REQUIRED: so if you directly use another person?s words (or their ideas) you need to reference that by either an endnote or a footnote.

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