HRM is important to all businesses – although it is a cost centre it has substantial custom essay

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value to add to the business and its employees. Drawing on material from units one
(1) – four (4) and a workplace you have recent experience in, demonstrate your
understanding and application of the unit knowledge to write this essay.
Marking criteria
• Relevance of research – at least four references must be cited in addition to the
• Demonstration of understanding of the concepts/theories and frameworks from
the units.
• Real work examples showing the relevance of HRM in relation to units 1–4.
• Critical analysis of your workplace in relation to the theories and frameworks
chosen to support your stance.
• Demonstration of evidence of linking theory to your workplace.
• Logical argument and discussion.
• Correct essay format (Introduction, body, conclusion).
• Written expression (spelling, sentence and paragraph structure).
• Correct Harvard referencing style.

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