Human Computer Interaction-Online hardware store design custom essay

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The online catalogue is designed to be used by customers of a hardware store. Its purpose is to allow customers to place orders so that they can pay for them and collect them from a pick-up counter.
The catalogue is laid out as a two-level menu, the first level allowing the user to choose between broad categories of hardware (painting, plumbing, decorating, Screwdrivers etc.), the second level allowing access to individual types of products (pipe benders, pipe wrenches, pipe cutters).
Details of the product available are shown in the main window. The user should be able to order products, and see the value of purchase.
When a hardware-store staff sees the order, he/she brings the items to the counter.
The interface should be easy to use (Walk-up and use system), simple and the users should be able to use from the first time.
The design should cover the different categories of people (different age, different background, knowledge, profession) The system should be described well and choices should be justified (for example: why did you choose mouse based or kiosk based system, why did you decide to use specific colouring code? Why did you decide to insert picture in certain areas?, etc…..)

1. What are the objectives of the system the situation of concern, and how it will be resolved?
2. Describe the user(s) of the interface (user profile for each category of users).
3. What is the most crucial usability attribute for the success of the interface?
4. Task analysis – Top-down decomposition of tasks
5. Requirements analysis
6. Paper prototype
7. Design rational.

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