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Coursework for this module consists of one written assignment, Organisational Development Report.

The report should be no more than a maximum of 3000 words (excluding your reference list). It should include references to and citation of appropriate reading materials: all books, articles and reports should be properly referenced using the Harvard referencing style. Please use Times New Roman or Arial 11 or 12pt font with bold and/or underline for section headings (if used). Your essay must use one and half or double, provide a footer which includes a page number and have margins set at 2 or 3cm (1.2 inches).

Your report will focus on organisational development in London Metropolitan Police as an organisation and should:

1. Briefly describe the key characteristics of the organisation.
2. Include a theoretical analysis of its current development processes.
3. Give examples of successful development and areas that have failed.
4. Evaluate those aspects in the organisation and its environment that either aid or hinder organisational development.
5. Critically evaluate to what extent your organisation is developing.

Assessment Guidance Notes:

1. The assignment should demonstrate an understanding of relevant theoretical frameworks about organisational development.
2. Include an outline an evaluation of the tools and methods that you used to explore Metropolitan Police as your organisation.
3. The assignment should aim to be analytical and critical rather than reflect and reiterate available material.
4. Reference must be made to contemporary theoretical perspectives surrounding organisational development.

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