Human Resource Management; delivering high quality Reflective Journals using Mahara ePortfolio Research Paper

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Now almost all the workshops are complete, we need to focus on delivering high quality Reflective Journals using Mahara ePortfolio. While it is important to use critical reflective techniques within your writing, you have the opportunity to develop your creative skills and use other medial to share your reflection.

You are required to keep an individual reftective journal (RJ) for this unit in which you can comment upon the devetopment of your learning in relation to the topics that you have studied.
The unit team would tike to timit your discussion to issue-specific observations that relate to your abitity to work as an effective group as wetl as what you have learnt from the topic area covered during the unit programme and in your delivered interactive group
based exercise.
Your RJ shoutd contain a discussion of the topic area that you have investigated and refer to literature that you have consulted. You witl be expected to reference in the usual using the Harvard style.
For your topic researched you shoutd comment upon:
How do the issues examined hetp you to better understand the role of HRM in
modern organisations? . The practical ditemmas they might they present for HRM.
What key learning outcomes you have had and how do you think they might aid
your devetopment as a HR professional for future talent markets after

The (RJ) is based on the group work which is uploaded (Power point presentation). You need to go through the material of the course which is uploaded under the name (Course material) and write about each week and what i have benefitied from it then discuss about the group work (presentation) which I have participate in.

and link the course material and group work and give a reflection.

I have worked with the group and we have done the who thing together (research, critical analysing, powerpoint slides, presentation, etc). the meetings went smoothly and every one knew he was doing. you have to mention that with in the RJ.

Please it is very important to go through the uploaded materials. have a look at the important notes file it will give you an idea about the work.

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