impact of corporate governance on performance

The requirements: looking for help from a finance writer with my postgraduate dissertation. My dissertation is an empirical research (Quantitative Methods) on the impact of corporate governance on performance: Evidence from Chinese commercial banks. The data source may be available from CSMAR database, and it may need use some quantitative data processing software, such as Gretl or Stata or SPSS etc. to do the data processing and get the empirical results. The words length of the dissertation is 12000, I need get the work process every week, because I need use this to communicate with my supervisor. The proposed regression model is: the bank performance= corporate governance variable 1 + corporate governance variable 2+ corporate governance variable 3+ corporate governance variable 4+?æi There also needs a measuring for the bank performance. The reference number is 50, and most of them need to be Journal articles. The Turnitin result needs to be less than 15%. Thank you for your kind help ! Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.

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