In your role as an Educational Assistant, you will need many ideas and activities in your E.A. Kit Research Paper

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This kit should include concrete materials to review and reinforce skills and concepts introduced during classroom mathematics? lessons. Software programs and flashcards are not concrete materials.

For this assignment you need to choose three different mathematics manipulatives.

Please remember to:

1) Identify the math strand(s) that can be addressed with each manipulative (they are listed in the curriculum documents)
2) Title the activity
3) Identify the Overall AND Specific curriculum math expectations statements, from the Ontario Curriculum Revised 2006.
4) Identify the approximate grade levels appropriate to your chosen Manipulative.
5) Describe a learning activity, for each of your chosen concrete materials.
6) Explain how an Educational Assistant would use each of the three manipulatives with students using modifications or accommodations for the learning activity.
7) Your description, of each of the reading activities and its use, should be detailed enough so that others could do the activity. Remember to cite print and Internet resources and references.

Rubric for Second and Third Assignments
1- Below standard 2 approaching standard 3 Meets standard 4 Exceeds standard
Criteria 1 Minimal 2 Adequate 3 Proficient 4 Exemplary

Description of Learning Activity

Up to 4 marks
Sentences mainly copied from primary source

Unclear explanation
Text mostly copied, from primary source, with a few details in own words

Simple description
Sequence of steps for activity is clear and composed in your own words.

Ideas expressed concisely, in own words
Description reflects thorough sequence of steps in the activity

EA Modification and/or

Up to 4 marks
No modification or accommodations are listed for the learning activity
One modification
or accommodation is suggested for the learning activity
Two modifications
or accommodation are suggested for each learning activity
Three or more modifications
or accommodation are suggested for each learning activity

Identification of Curriculum Expectations

Up to 4 marks

Inaccurate identification of specific expectations

Vague identification of skills
Long list of numerous expectations
Identifies specific curriculum expectation(s)

Pertinent to described learning activity
Clearly and correctly identifies overall and specific curriculum expectation(s)

Evidence of Reflection & Classroom Connections

Up to 4 marks Student makes no reference to classroom connections with learning activity. No examples of the learning activity or math manipulative Responses indicate some knowledge of the activity and how they relate to the classroom. Responses indicate considerable knowledge of the activity and how they relate to the classroom. Responses indicate a high degree of knowledge of the activity and how they relate to the classroom.

Up to 4 marks
No references listed
Vague or inaccurate identification of primary source
Source of information is clearly cited
Information from two or more relevant sources

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