Individual case analysis on cross cultural issues in international management Research Paper

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Assessment item 1: Individual case analysis on cross cultural issues in international management (20%) due on Monday week 6, 5th March 2012.
Case: Euro Disneyland is available on SHORT LOAN ONLINE.
The chosen case describes Euro Disneyland’s difficulties in France. The topics relevant to this case include cross-cultural values and dimensions and their practical implications for cross-cultural management.
Objectives: The objective of this assignment is to analyse cross-cultural differences and their impact on international business collaboration. The case has been chosen to give you the opportunity to analyse the cultural values of different cultures and to assess and apply this knowledge from the perspective of a consultant, advising the company how they could have mitigated some of the cross-cultural problems they encountered.
Specific Tasks: Using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions as a point of reference identify and discuss the cultural differences between United States and France illustrated in this case. Using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions critically analyse Euro Disneyland performance in managing their operations. As consultants, your analysis should both explain the mistakes made and provide insights into what could have been done to avoid /address them.
Advice: It is important that you support your analysis and recommendations with theories and concepts covered in the course and use theories and concepts from the course to support any recommendations that would improve cross-cultural business collaboration.
Formatting, submission and word count: Size 12 fonts and 1.5 line spacing. You are required to submit this assignment electronically through Turnitin. No hardcopies are required. The word count of your case study analysis should be between 1000-1500 wordsmaximum.
This range is provided to give you some flexibility in how you write your analysis; however, you can conclude from this range that the case analysis can be effectively completed with just 1000 words. You are required to demonstrate your ability to keep within the recommended range of words while still providing a comprehensive analysis of the case. If you go above the maximum word count you will be penalised. Correct referencing according to NGSB Student Manual must be used.
Marking Criteria include an assessment of your ability to identify the key issues raised in cross-cultural management and to analysis case with relevant theories. Detailed assessment criteria for this assignment is available in the Assignments area of Blackboard

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