Internal Marketing Research Paper

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1. Drawing on a wide range of literature on market orientation and in particular, internal marketing,
develop a framework that you could use to assess an organisation in terms of effectiveness in adopting and implementing ‘internal marketing’. Describe your framework and justify the critical elements of the framework with specific reference to the literature.

2. ** Base this on a world wide company*** Now the next step is to apply your developed framework to your particular organisation. What
aspects of internal marketing are being done well? Where are the gaps? How will remedying these
gaps lead to enhanced organisational performance? Finally what areas need to be improved?

3. Finally, develop a plan to address these weaknesses. Depending on your evaluation, you may
choose to focus on a few key areas and discuss these in greater depth.

Your assignment will be assessed on the following criteria:
• Ability to critically evaluate an organisation’s extent of internal marketing.
• Ability to synthesise a range of literature and develop a cohesive framework to analyse an individual
• Ability to justify and detail practical recommendations for improvement.
• Clarity of written expression (well-structured with a logical flow of ideas, attention to grammar).
• Professional standard of presentation

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