International Human Resource management to Hospitality, Tourism Research Paper

Hi, Dear writer, Thanks for helping me with this order. It is very important task for me so I choose this Prime Level I want to get marks 70! Thanks! Plz follow the guidance carefully. It must to use the references in our e-library resource online. You can log in my UCB online Guidance here: Part A – Critical Review Critically review empirical research on ONE of the topics listed below. Topics:—–C) International Human Resource management You must clearly state in your introduction which of these topics you are writing about. Produce a literature matrix of a least 15 empirical research papers. Your empirical research papers must be: Available on Science Direct or Emerald databases or other UCB E-Resources Broadly connected to Hospitality, Tourism, Culinary Arts or Management Sciences (within 2000 Words) Plz do not forget to do a 15 literature matrix for me. Requirements is in the guidance and see the sample I have uploaded. But the reference need to be 25 in total. The matrix is 15 is okay Many thanks Part B – Discussion How can knowledge from your critical review be used by managers in your chosen professional area to advance career success? (within 1000 words) You will have an opportunity to discuss suitable topic choices in the seminars and subject advice sessions in Module Learning Outcomes: The module learning outcomes covered by this assignment are: ii. Critically evaluate the major theoretical and empirical studies of national cultural differences, highlighting their contributions and limitations. iv. Critically evaluate the skills and experience needed for a successful career in a globalised workplace Grading Criteria UCB’s Generic Grading Criteria for HE work at Level 7 apply to this assignment: Plagiarism Please note that this assignment is an individual piece of work and should represent your own individual effort. UCB policy in case of plagiarism will apply:

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