International Life Cycle: Describe the stages of the product life cycle according to Onkvisit Custom Essay

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• Describe the stages of the product life cycle according to Onkvisit & Shaw (1983) in your own words. (Use citations to note the source and page of your information.)

• Next select a non–North American organization and identify a specific product that they produce that has reached its stage of maturity.

• How can the organization expand its global market using international trade? (Please be specific when offering examples. Identify specific markets that the company might expand the good into and explain why.)

• Assess the available financial sources—public and private—in the home country that are available to aid the expansion. The country in which your selected organization is headquartered will be referred to as your home country.

• What are bilateral and multilateral sources of fincancing? Does your company have access to these souces?•
**Samsung is a perfect example of the non American product.
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