Investigating the correlation between the literacy rates of 50 countries and their birth rates Research Paper

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The project is an individual piece of work involving the collection of information or the generation of measurements, and the analysis and evaluation of the information or measurements. E.g. Statistics Analysis: The collection of data and its representation in bar charts, pie charts and pictograms. In the project the students are expected to: ? ask their own questions about mathematics ? initiate and sustain a piece of work in mathematics ? a mathematical approach which involves your interests and experiences ? to experiment, to explore, to generate hypotheses Where appropriate in the project, students are expected to: ? organize and present information and data in tabular, graphical and/or diagrammatic forms ? now and use appropriate notation and terminology ? recognize patterns and structures in a variety of situations, and make generalizations. ? recognize and demonstrate an understanding of the practical applications of mathematics ? use appropriate technological devices as mathematical tools ? demonstrate an understanding of and the appropriate use of mathematical modelling. Requirements The project is a piece of written work based on personal research involving the collection, analysis and evaluation of data. Each project must contain: ? a title ? a statement of the task ? measurements, information or data which has been collected and/or generated ? an analysis of the measurements, information or data ? an evaluation of the analysis ? a bibliography and footnotes, as appropriate. (You could do tables, scatter plots, regression analysis, box and whisker plots Pearson’s correlation coefficient and any other form of analysis you see suitable)

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