Involving Families and Other Stakeholders Appropriately Essay Help

This week you will meet with your Learning Team to brainstorm ways to communicate with families and the community about your professional development program and plan ways to involve them appropriately in supporting the implementation of your plan. Use the guidelines in the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning: Outcomes from this week’s Learning Resources to guide your discussion with your Learning Team. Address the following questions in your discussion: What must we understand about the cultural backgrounds and/or challenges our families may be experiencing? How can we communicate clearly and respectfully with family members and demonstrate a genuine interest in the welfare of the child and family? How can we create a sense of teamwork between the home and school as well as delineate appropriate and manageable ways for providing support for a student’s learning at home? In what ways can we demonstrate sensitivity to ways in which families may be most appropriately involved in schools as classroom volunteers or committee members? How might technology strengthen our connections with families and the community (e.g., posting school news and homework assignments on school or district websites)? What limitations related to technology do we need to consider for our families? Based on your Learning Team discussion and brainstorming session, write a 2- to 3-page essay that describes at least three ways to involve families appropriately related to your professional development program and within the particular context of your school or district. Identify and define in your own words at least three glossary terms related to family involvement and include them at the end of your essay document.

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