James Tissot, The Shop Girl, c.1883-85 (Impressionism) Research Paper

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Write a visual analysis of a single work of art,This means you are considering how the work has been designed and how it addresses or interacts with the viewer. You will take into consideration its subject matter, but be careful to not merely describe what the work shows. Ask yourself not simply what the work means, but how it means. Your paper should also address how the work is representative of the period to which it belongs.Remember, however, that you should not provide a general discussion of the period or artist (if the latter is known). You can assume that your reader is an educated art historian. Focus on analyzing the visual and formal qualities of the piece, and explain how those would have worked together to convey and create meaning during the time in which the work was produced. You have a limited number of words with which to work, so you want to be as precise and insightful as possible!

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