JOURNALISM – MEDIA LAW AND ETHICS This assignment is analysis and reasoning as a journalist perspective with apply topics ethical codes, privacy, contempt of court, defamation, copyright Custom Essay

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This assignment is analysis and reasoning as a journalist perspective with apply topics ethical codes, privacy, contempt of court, defamation, copyright. This assignment more challenging and will require you to draw on your editing and writing skills to a greater extent and DON’T NEED ANY THEORY EXPLANATION and no need to recite the assignment scenario or introduce
this paper. I need the first draft on 30 May 2012 at 1pm.

the book for this assignment is:
Pearson, M & Polden, M 2011, ?The Journalist?s Guide To Media Law?, 4th edn, Allen & Unwin, Australia,
Crows Nest, NSW.

With reference to relevant cases and examples in real life, discuss the potential for any civil liabilities or breaches of
ethical codes resulting from the various TV, newspaper and radio publications in this fictional scenario.

It will also reward sharper analysis of some of the deliberately ambiguous points in the scenario. This is where your reading of recommended texts will be useful. For eg, think about the impact of the injunction on media publication of material.

What can and can’t occur from this point? Are there any real time case egs you can mention (not recite) to show you know how situations like this have panned out in the past?

As with the first assignment, show that you understand the way the law and the ethical codes apply

The scenario by identifying the main legal and ethical issues.This aspect of the assignment tests information retrieval abilities as well as independent research: both core professional media skills.The mark you get will depend on the quality of your analysis and discussion of these issues and also

the degree to which you refer to relevant cases and examples to back up your arguments and

analysis. It will also depend on your developed editing and writing skills, i.e. making your case as accurately and concisely as possible.

Cases and examples provide precedents to help the media make their decisions about what will and won?t get them into trouble. It’s fine to use both legal cases and examples of media reporting to

illustrate your arguments in the assignment. Sometimes, we learn as much from examples that do not end up in court as we do from those that do. So anything that you can point to which might help to indicate possible outcomes in the scenario will be useful.

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