Labiaplasty Reaction Paper My Perfect Vagina Film Research Paper

Labiaplasty Reaction Paper My Perfect Vagina Film Please watch this film about labiaplasty called The Perfect Vagina and write a reaction paper. Link is below. http perfectvagina Reactions papers MUST follow Writing Policies in syllabus; MUST be a MINIMUM of 350 Words; MUST be written in ESSAY FORMAT (not numbered questions); MUST include these 4 components 1) 12 sentence summary of what film guest lecture article was about. 2)How does this film guest lecture article connect or relate to OUR CLASS TOPICS AND DISCUSSIONS as well as to your personal life? 3)What did you learn in this film in relation to ideas we have covered in class? 4)What was your reaction and opinion of the film guest lecture article, and would you recommend it to future classes? Please see above Grading Rubric for Reaction Papers for exact breakdown of points. If papers do not meet all the requirements in the Grading Rubric, you will NOT receive full credit for the papers. Be sure to put the title of the film in your paper!

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